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About me

Mao Campo


Mauricio Campo is a professional photographer from Colombia, born and raised in Pasto (Nariño, Colombia) but settled down with his family in Cali (Valle del Cauca, Colombia).  He started his career as an empirical photographer, but soon felt the needing of professional guidance in order to get the best out of his natural skills.  Thus, Mauricio (aka Mao) went to New York City (USA) on 2013 to the New York Film Academy to learn the art and the craft of photography, the technic stuff, and to get a different vision of the world itself, from a completely different panorama, as NYC is able to show to the most.Mao has been caracterized for a very natural look and feel of his work, and for the effort to show the women as pure beauty and as the perfect creation of Nature.


Published in Magazines: Égalité Magazine (México), Latina Magazine (Colombia), Fashion Avenue News (New York, USA), Alpha Fashion (New York, USA), Creative Portrait Magazine (Godalming, United Kingdom)

Runway photographer in: Señorita Valle (Cali, Colombia), Miss World Colombia -Pacific Zone-, Cali Exposhow (Cali, Colombia), Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (New York, USA) 


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